Version 1.1

Today I made some bug fixes and published v1.1

The graphics glitch on retina screens is resolved.Also some of the levels were way too hard, I made a bit of balancing.

In the next update, I’m planning to add the Helios Asteroid Cluster.

P.S.: Special thanks to Jon Hrubesch for the mention

Approval and Day 1

I wouldn’t imagine that seeing that little green light under the game icon  in iTunes connect would be this exciting.

So it’s here:

To my surprise, DEFCOM got downloaded 55 times and 3 people actually purchased the full version. Since this is my first experience, I an’t judge it. But I guess anything above 0 is a success with no advertisement or whatsoever. Thanks guys!

Now it’s time for some bug-fixing and the second galaxy. I’m planning for the next update in late April.

Submitted my game, fingers crossed

I submitted the game to Apple for review last week. Now waiting with fingers crossed.

I was very busy last week. The final step in publishing the game was to add an “in app purchase” to unlock the game. It took my whole weekend to make it work, but in the end it’s up and running.

During the development phase, I always tested the app in my iPad Air. Now when I tried to compile it for distribution, Xcode gave some funny errors. After 4-5 hours, I found out that I need to change the “architecture” settings, and then it’s ok. But hey, now it’s not working on my iPad Air. More digging and finally everything is working. It’s really hard the first time you do something, even though there are pages of instructions and lot’s of stackoverflow help.

Before release, I decided to change the name. The previous one was “Starbase Defense Corps” because the first version was based on defending a starbase. After I changed the game concept to mining and defense in an asteroid field, the original name became irrevelant.

The new title is “DEFCOM : Promethean Wars”. DEFCOM is abbreviation for defense command. I think it’s now more catchy and more relevant.

Next things, I need to start working on the next galaxy. Also the drawing artifacts are still visible on some maps. I posted about that previously but didn’t work on a sloution. Nasty stuff. See you in v1.1.

Some screenshots from work in progress

I’m posting some screen shots today. First one is the title screen.

Behold! The almighty star base defense corps!

Behold! The almighty star base defense corps!

Here is the mission control, where you can select your next mission. Noticed the crowns on some of the asteroids ? That means you played that mission once and your influence on that sector has increased.

starbase defense corps

And here is actual game. Enemies are coming, but it’s OK. We have two solid plasma cannons, and the third one is on the way. On the bottom-right we have the two big defense weapons. Tactical nuke and the stellar converter!

Ingame footage


And the research screen. As being a big fan of Master of Orion II, this is the least I could do. The projects with gray buttons are normal research projects, only resource is enough. The golden ones are more powerful and require a few ancient relics. You can research all items unto level 3. Notice the small diagonal sign on stellar-converter button?

Research Screen

And finally, the mission summary screen. After each mission, you gain the resources that you saved during the mission. Also you get the sell-value of the towers. You can spend these resources in research.

mission summary

This concludes the post. Cheers!






Alpha 0.1 ready!

Tonight I made some final touches on the game and decided to put it on the games section.

In game screenshot

In game screenshot

After some hardwork, here is the latest status:

  • Fully-functional research.
  • Polished graphics for the towers.
  • More sound and music.
  • Some bug-fixes
  • Save! Now the game automatically saves when you made smt. important.

I need to add even more levels. Although the target for this game is iPad, I’m still looking for ways to deploy and profit as HTML5. So bad that Kongregate accepts games upto 800px wide!


Hello galaxy

After >1 years of continued development, I finally decided to make the game I’m working on a little bit more public.

I am mainly working alone, doing all the design, coding, grafishing[1] and music/sounds.

It began as a hobby-programming with my first title “Flocklord”, which turned out to be a too large endevour. So it ended with a half-baked game with 3 levels of endless fun.

Then I decided to KISS it and begun working on a tower defense clone, which also turned out to be much harder then I anticipiated. But at least I see the light at the end of the tunnel after 1 year of development.

After reading countless articles like “How to actually ship your hobby game project”, one of the recommendations coming on and on was to make the game public. So here it goes.

I’ll be writing about the game, the motivation, progress, some technical issues in the next posts. Till then, stay safe.

[1] Grafishing: just coined the term, means fishing public-domain/free graphics from internet and then spicing a little bit with photoshop.