Still working on the creative mode. Now on the desktop version you can save/load the created level to your computer and soon upload to a server.

Current work is to make an inventory system similar to creative inventory of Minecraft. Why Minecraft? Well, I guess Graina shares -some- features and that inventory system is simple and fitting enough for me also.

At the moment I nearly finished the inventory. No screenshots yet because everything looks soo awful. So screenshot will follow as soon as I can work on some -at least simple- graphics.

Graina v0.09 – Short wrap up

I worked on Graina during weekend to implement some of the changes suggested by folks here and here. No screenshots this time, since most of the changes are not visible.

  • Completely changed the control scheme. Left-click collects the grain and right-click drops the grains to the scene. You can switch the grain (i.e. water, sand) by using mouse sheel or the keyboard. If you try to get a grain that’s not selected currently, it also switches to that. Nah, you better play it to see it 🙂
  • Added the much-missed pause button. Hit space to pause.
  • Also checked the game as a windows .exe with NW.JS, it works flawlessly in fullscreen in windows! Yay!

Now I have 4 things to do before coming closer to a pre-alpha:

  • Add creative mode, where you can save the level and actually share with others or play as a puzzle level.
  • Optimize the renderer to spit more frames per second, also add support for textures instead of colors for the grains.
  • Add menu to the level for replay, quit, music, sounds, etc..