Graina v0.08 – First playable release

Multiplex Games (read:me) proudly presents the first playable release of Graina.

So here is a pretty medium-hard level where you (are supposed to) lead the Gnomes safely to the exit.

  • How to play
  • You need a computer with a mouse.
  • Left-click and drag to pan the camera.
  • Left-click on the tools (bottom-left of the screen) to select one
    • Vacuum cleaner: Use this to vacuum the sand into the bucket.
    • Sand bucket: Use this to put the sand to the scene.
  • Right-click: Use the choosen tool

If you need more explanation to play, you can find here in the gameplay video.

And here is a pretty screenshot 🙂

Graina : Gnomes Journey

Changelog v0.08:

  • Added sources: Generates endless supply of a grain if not blocked.
  • Added sinks: Devours the liquid and gases, if those move into the sinks.
  • Added a timer for the door to open by it self. Can still be opened earlier by clicking.
  • Increased reaction speed.
  • Removed reaction : water+sand = wetsand+air (was getting in the way too much)

Gorillas Reloaded

Today I started working on a Gorillas.bas remake. A few days ago I wanted to play a game like Gorillas out of the blue. I could only find one game on Kongregate and another one in the iOS App Store. Anyway it’s really interesting that a game genre has so less remakes (think of overwhelming amount of TDs or match-3s), so I decided to go for it.

The work so far was really enjoyable. Let’s see where this wil end up. Here is the three days worth of work. A procedural building generator, angle and power meter. I also got destructable terrain and collisions up and running and hopefully get a working prototype in a week or so.

Remake of Gorillas.bas. Work in progress
Behold! The City of Gorillas!