Gnomes can take damage and go to gnomish heaven :)


Today I worked a bit more to implement some more game mechanics. Most significant addition is that Gnomes can now take damage from enviroment. In this level, if they step on the lava, it burns and then kills the poor gnome, sending his soul to the gnomish heaven. I’m too tired to post a video, but hopefully soon.

Changelog for v0.05:

  • Tile-aware collision to the gnomes so that they can interact with enviroment. i.e. Lava burns.
  • Tweaked the first level to make it less boring
  • Added some effects for burning of lava and angelic gnome (a.k.a dead gnome)
  • Added a reticle to show the tiles being manipulated
  • Sound effects for dying and damaged gnomes, plus exit door. Still as placeholders though.