Graina meet Lemmings

It’s really helpful to make prototyping before actually starting to polish and optimize. A hard to learn lesson but of utmost importance for gamedev (yes, I’m feeling poetic).

Anyways, playing around with Graina, I noticed that it’s, erm, boring. Yes you have the sands and water and lava and other stuff but it becomes boring after a few minutes of play. Maybe this is the reason that the original game (Falling Sands) never made it big, like for example minecraft, I don’t know.

Now after a few hours of coding, I added a controlable character to the scene. I’ll either make smt. like a sandbox-platformer or sandbox Lemmings. And here are some screen shots (Couldn’t made a decent video on my MacBook Air, any tips?)

First we have the proverbial sandbox, then add some sand, some water and some guys. I managed to use the particles as a collision map thanks to the great impact engine I’m using easily. What I have is now running and jumping fellas in a completely dynamic particle-based are.


canvas1 canvas2 canvas3 canvas4

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