Gnomes of Graina

So the game is shaping up. Inspired by this post on reddit, I added some Lemmings-like objective to the scene. Now in overall, you try to lead the poor gnomes to the safety by shaping the world with your “godly” powers. I’m not sure who are we playing actually, an old gnome-god or an all powerful gnome-wizard?

If there is anything you want to see in the game, feel free to comment 🙂

Today I added basic movement for our gnomes. They interact with the world, jumping over the grains and moving around. I also added a spawning door and an exit door to the scene. It actually is fun to play with. The addition of chracters to the game really increases the fun compared to a plain sandbox.

Here is a short gameplay video with a nice celtic music. In the next post, I’m planning to add an actual browser-playable version.


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