DefCom Promethean Wars and Jewelled Stars Mythos updates

This month I’m busy with updating our older title “DefCom : Promethean Wars” to version 1.2. Also JS Mythos is getting an update that enables Game Center.

DefCom will soon receive a new system (The Koronis) with a number of new levels and a new boss level.

Honestly, the backend of the DefCom is not that flexible and adding new content prooved harder then I originally anticipated. However, I really like the graphics and the good-old tower defense concept. I’m thinking to re-write the whole engine, using the similar assetts and continue the story. But things may change and I may decide to add a third and a fourth system with some new enemies, plot and boss levels.

That will now depend on how many people actually upgrade to version 1.3. If I see an upgrade rate that is somehwhere close to the sales, then I’ll stick with upgrading. If no-one cares about this upgrade, then I’d say it’s time for the DefCom 2.

Let’s see how will it unfold.

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