Graina hit v0.5 alpha

I’m really excited since I finally could pack my now 2 year old project Graina and put it on Try it, especially if you like puzzle games, especially Lemming and The Sandbox/PowderToy like games. The game is alpha, but perfectly playable with some 20 levels of excitement, fun and soap opera.

In Graina, you play in a 2D sandbox (like the real thing, with sands and so on), loosely like Terraria but with much smaller and much dynamic tiles. You don’t control a character but you can manipulate the terrain and try to solve the puzzles on each level.

On the first levels you learn the basic mechanics, then you’ll see reactions, then traps, monsters, boss levels and so on.

The game also has a Tinker mode, like the creative mode in Minecraft. There you can play with the various elements and objects. Save-Load is broken at the moment but should soon work in the next update, so that you can also play the levels you created on your own.

Graina started as an experiment to make a physics game with falling sands, flowing water. Later I added some characters and saw that they are interacting in interesting way. After that I gave it my full attention and finally published the alpha. I’m planning to add more levels and content and maybe release on Steam when the time comes.

You can follow the development log from the directly.


Here are glimpses of the new things I’ve been working on recently:

Better visuals for the grains. Especially the wall-type grains now have high detail.
Better visuals for the grains. Especially the wall-type grains now have high detail. I increased the size of the Gnomes from 32px to 48px. Seems much better now.
Now each level has bonus objectives. Also, it's now possible to "rescue" gnomes on the road and they join to your team.
Now each level has bonus objectives. Also, it’s now possible to “rescue” gnomes on the road and they join to your team.
Here, have a Gnome-Selfie Gnomie ?
Here, have a Gnome-Selfie Gnomie ?

V0.09 Alpha is out there

So the first alpha build is out there. I’ve been working slient and hard in the past few weeks to release an almost complete version to give the full idea about Graina.

There are now 5 tutorial levels with increasing difficulty to show the basic mechanics of the game. In addition, the Tinkerer mode, where you can freely build a puzzle/world, is also fully functional.

Try it now here.


Still working on the creative mode. Now on the desktop version you can save/load the created level to your computer and soon upload to a server.

Current work is to make an inventory system similar to creative inventory of Minecraft. Why Minecraft? Well, I guess Graina shares -some- features and that inventory system is simple and fitting enough for me also.

At the moment I nearly finished the inventory. No screenshots yet because everything looks soo awful. So screenshot will follow as soon as I can work on some -at least simple- graphics.


So I’ve been working on the creative mode. There you can just play with all the elements and other stuff as you please. In addition, at any point of your creation, you can save it and later load and continue.

Soon, it will be possible to create any puzzle levels using the creative mode itself.

Graina v0.09 – Short wrap up

I worked on Graina during weekend to implement some of the changes suggested by folks here and here. No screenshots this time, since most of the changes are not visible.

  • Completely changed the control scheme. Left-click collects the grain and right-click drops the grains to the scene. You can switch the grain (i.e. water, sand) by using mouse sheel or the keyboard. If you try to get a grain that’s not selected currently, it also switches to that. Nah, you better play it to see it 🙂
  • Added the much-missed pause button. Hit space to pause.
  • Also checked the game as a windows .exe with NW.JS, it works flawlessly in fullscreen in windows! Yay!

Now I have 4 things to do before coming closer to a pre-alpha:

  • Add creative mode, where you can save the level and actually share with others or play as a puzzle level.
  • Optimize the renderer to spit more frames per second, also add support for textures instead of colors for the grains.
  • Add menu to the level for replay, quit, music, sounds, etc..

Graina v0.08 – First playable release

Multiplex Games (read:me) proudly presents the first playable release of Graina.

So here is a pretty medium-hard level where you (are supposed to) lead the Gnomes safely to the exit.

  • How to play
  • You need a computer with a mouse.
  • Left-click and drag to pan the camera.
  • Left-click on the tools (bottom-left of the screen) to select one
    • Vacuum cleaner: Use this to vacuum the sand into the bucket.
    • Sand bucket: Use this to put the sand to the scene.
  • Right-click: Use the choosen tool

If you need more explanation to play, you can find here in the gameplay video.

And here is a pretty screenshot 🙂

Graina : Gnomes Journey

Changelog v0.08:

  • Added sources: Generates endless supply of a grain if not blocked.
  • Added sinks: Devours the liquid and gases, if those move into the sinks.
  • Added a timer for the door to open by it self. Can still be opened earlier by clicking.
  • Increased reaction speed.
  • Removed reaction : water+sand = wetsand+air (was getting in the way too much)